Zingari Man

Seasonal and short run Beard Elixir


Via many requests we are doing a limited run in the Beard elixirs for seasonal scents.  Choose The Muse, The Gypsy or anything from the skin scent line.  We are also offering a few single notes and custom.  Please contact us first for custom blends before ordering.

These oils will give your dry, rough scratchy mane some love and attention. Our nutrient-rich oils provide rockstar softness and shine to your beard while conditioning and nourishing your skin beneath. 

DIRECTIONS: Just apply a few drops of oil to your hand and apply on skin starting to the neck and with a upward motion towards the cheeks.  If you have a longer beard just pull the extra oil throughout to the ends. As with all moisturizers, its most effective with wet skin and hair after a warm shower but can be used anytime.  You will notice increased shine, softness and ease of combing.

Ingredients: Argan oil, Medium chain triglyceride, Camellia oil, Meadowfoam oil, Jojoba, Avocado oil, Fragrance, Sunflower wax.

Note: these are only available in 1oz bottles