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The Magician

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For the mysterious man who wants to enchant and entrance with the Magician shave soap. Conjured from Oakmoss, Orange Blossom and Fern.  This blend is bright, clean and unique.  Fresh oakmoss is paired with the citrus floral orange blossom with a bright green note.  This is for those that enjoy light fresh scents.

Our creamy silky shave soap will glide and keep your skin moisturized. Perfect for anyone and anywhere (if you catch our drift). Crafted with Kokum and Shea butter for a creamy, silky feel that won’t dry you out. This is a vegan soap that can take a lot of water. Ideal for dry, sensitive skin. 

DIRECTIONS: For the best wet-shave we recommend using during or after a hot shower. Wet your shaving brush and whisk it over the soap. Lather on your mug and shave with the grain. Re-lather and shave against the grain for a baby butt shave. Rinse with cold water.

Ingredients; Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Kokum Butter, Coconut Oil, Potassium hydroxide, Water, Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Sodium Lactate, Fragrance.

Comes in a large 5oz jar.

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john e.
United Kingdom

The Magician

i love the post shave on this soap , very good value for money.

Mike S.


A little late to the party but here is my. 02 cents. Zingari man came on the scene mid 2018 but Heather was on the market awhile with a different name. But anyhow this soap is so good, scent strength is mild to mid with a lot of slickness and cushion. This soap can take a lot of water, having said that be sure to add a little bit at a time so as not to drown the soap and lose the lather so experiment with your lather it is always much easier to add water rather than take it out by adding more soap. I would suggest to get the matching balm with the soap so that it completes the experience. Do yourself a favor and take the plunge, go and get this soap, heck get a few more while you are at it. Heather is also a great artisan to talk to, she will help you if something is wrong, or if you have any concerns about her products.. Cheers. Mikey_Flipside!!!

Jon H.

Incredible soap!

This soap smells amazing; plain and simple! It’s reminiscent of walking through and orange grove in mountainous regions of Appalachia. (I’m not 100% sure if they grow oranges in the mountains of Appalachia, but don’t be negative and “yuck my yum.”) I digress. With so many amazing reviews and recommendations that caught my eye on the Gram, I thought I had to give it a try. The soap lathers so well, with a residual slickness that makes any follow-up razor passes very comfortable. Choosing this soap will definitely be one of your best life decisions.


Heavy Hitter!

Pleasant scent? Yes! Lathers easy? Yes! Good slickness and cushion? Yes and Yes! The bridge between tallow and vegan in my mind is no longer a thing. This soap checks all the boxes you look for in a good shave soap... and that's what this is... an actual soap because it has no additives/lathering agents like some of the other big guys do. Which isn't a knock against them but more of something Zingari Man can boast about because it doesn't need all those extra additives to make it good. Keep up the great work!

Wesley A.


The Magician shave soap is simply Amazing. I have never tried orange scents until now, and it has totally rocked my world. This lathers with little to no effort at all, and smells wonderful. As I applied it with my brush to my face, I was taken back by the aroma of fern and oakmoss. I enjoyed my shave and the slickness of the soap, that I didn't even use my preshave cube. Heather Melton is a Master soap maker, and all of us wet shavers are truly blessed to know her, and be fortunate enough to own her products. # Zingaritribe for life.