Zingari Man

The Nomad


For the well-kept wanderer, this shave soap goes where you go. Take in the scents of  Sweetbay, lime and rum.  This is a fresher take on the traditional bay rum.  Instead of heavy spice, we kept it a bit lighter with a more forward citrus pop.  This is a sexy and masculine blend.

Our creamy silky shave soap will glide and keep your skin moisturized. Perfect for anyone and anywhere (if you catch our drift). Crafted with Kokum and Shea butter for a creamy, silky feel that won’t dry you out. This is a vegan soap that can take a lot of water. Ideal for dry, sensitive skin. 

DIRECTIONS: For the best wet-shave we recommend using during or after a hot shower. Wet your shaving brush and whisk it over the soap. Lather on your mug and shave with the grain. Re-lather and shave against the grain for a baby butt shave. Rinse with cold water.

Ingredients; Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Kokum Butter, Coconut Oil, Potassium hydroxide, Water, Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Sodium Lactate, Fragrance.

 Comes in a large 5oz jar.

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A refreshing Bay Rum!

Zingari soap has become my go to soap! Superior slickness, rich creamy lather, and for me the most important part is the outstanding post shave feel. Pair it with Heather's post shave balm and you got yourself one damn fine shave! The scent of NOMAD is very enjoyable. It's not you typical heavy clove forward Bay Rum, this scent is crisp, and invigorating with a touch of sweetness. Just a fantastic version of a Bay Rum!

Sean C.
United States

Great soap!!!

This is one of my go to soaps, smells great, easy to lather and provides a smooth comfortable shave.

Maxime Desaulniers Boisvert

AAA Soap formula and scent!! Wow!!

This soap earned a spot in my regular rotation. The formula is super slick and offers amazing protection. The final blow is definately the scent. One of the most pleasant scent there is right now, like a bay rum but with a zesty scent of lime and most importantly no clove! Truly impressed with this product. 5/5.

Wesley A Smith

Nomad/ Luxury in a Jar!

How do I even start with this Luxury in a Jar. From the first time I opened the lid on her and gave her a sniff, I fell in love! Just in the past year have I discovered Bay rum, or scent notes of it, and I truly enjoy this. I have been a wet shaver for the last 5 years, and I can tell you first hand that Nomad should be in your shave den. I love absolutely love everything about this soap, Heather at Zingari Skin has knocked this one so far out of the park, they will never find that baseball! If you are a wet shaver and love fine products, take your mouse and move it over to where it say's add to cart, and press on the button. You will be so glad you did! Thanks again Heather!!

Stephen Gooch

Great soap

This soap has it all! Great easy lather, slickness is great, and plenty of residual slickness. The scent is great without being overpowering. The post feel is fantastic! Get the balm to finish things off cause it’s great too!