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The Tribe

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We are excited to bring you the Tribe Soap.
This set, no matter the configuration you choose to purchase is our way of showing the wet shaving community that have had brand loyalty to Zingari Man that they make us successful. Together we voted on the scent and we have worked together on label ideas and this set is a sneak peek into our new vegan base. 
The Tribe also got to vote on which local non-profit should benefit from this collaboration. This collaboration has come from the wet shaving community that has continued to help us improve our products, packaging and make us feel welcomed in this ever changing hobby.
The beneficiary of this set will be Soldier Dogs who assist vets with their needs in having service animals trained for our U.S. Veterans.  For more information or to donate please visit them at :
Soldiersogs.org or on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/soldierdogs22/ 
For each brush sold, $15 will be donated. For each Soap and balm set $10 will be donated and for each single soap sold, we will donate $5.
The scent notes for this set are Sandalwood, Amber, light musk, spices, minor hints of smokey leather.
Our base has improvements to take our products to the next level and according to our testers is without a doubt elite.
You do not have to be a Tribe member to enjoy this purchase, but you will considered in the tribe once you do.
We are so pleased to give back to the community with your support and truly consider this our inaugural collaboration with our patrons.
Thank you to all of those that have helped us get this far and we are excited for what is on the horizon for Zingari Man and the Tribe. 


DIRECTIONS: For the best wet-shave we recommend using during or after a hot shower. Wet your shaving brush and whisk it over the soap. Lather on your mug and shave with the grain. Re-lather and shave against the grain for a baby butt shave. Rinse with cold water.

Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Water, Shea butter, Vegetable glycerin, Potassium hydroxide, Palm oil, Kokum butter, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Sodium hydroxide, Oat oil, Jojoba, Fragrance, Coconut milk, Sodium lactate, 

Comes in a large 5oz jar

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Robert A.
United States United States

Zingari Man Tribe

Excellent both during and after the shave. Love it!

Michael H.
United States United States

Fantastic New Base!

Easy to lather, creamy, dense base with great glide and post-shave feel. I'm looking forward to new scents in the this formulation. Nicely done, as always, Heather!

Wesley A.

Zingari The Tribe, The most amazing soap base ever!

Heather you hit this one out of the park! The Tribe is the most amazing shaving soap out there!! First off, I love Sandalwood anyways, but the added Amber and spices make the scent notes more amazing. I make the most incredible lather with this soap, and the slickness is off the chains! This is the best shaving soap on the market! Thank you Heather for creating such a masterpiece! If you have not ordered this yet, this soap definitely is incredible!

Dylan L.
United States United States

Lamborghini of shave soap

This new base is absolutely luxurious I loved my shave and it exploded with lather if you haven't already picked it up do so you won't regret it